BOOKS TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE catalogues the list of unique objects made in the form of a book by Chris Lloyd.

These art objects represent the body of work published by kitbooks, together with limited editions of hand-printed and bound books.Portfolios of original prints from these books are also available as signed limited editions.

Books to change your life – why not?

It  is DUE TO UNCONTROLLABLE WEATHER that the fruit and vegetables growing in your gardens and greenhouses have assumed gargantuan proportions…

oversize aubergines, colossal cucumbers, and prodigious peppers.

Any depression that we might be experiencing because of the forecast of world disaster – the outcome of global warming – could melt away and leave us high on food to feed a hungry world.

We often say “it’s a small world” when we meet friends in unfamiliar places or unusual surroundings, or when we share a passion or common interest with strangers…

With this little book we can describe our small world with pictorial metaphors and representations.

We can also say “we’ve got the whole world in our hands!”

!PAS OP – Neit te hard oppompen!

Product contains 2 chambers. Should be inflated separately. When inflating: if use compressor should be very careful. Do not overflated. Remain some wrinkles is normal.

When deflating: use attached tube to deflate. Avoid any contact with sharp or hot objects.


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